It's complete... 'cept for...

In our family there is a running joke about when 'complete' actually happens. Janis will ask how things are coming along in the shop. I'll tell her the project we're working on is complete. She then gives me 'that look'  and I have to admit that it is complete, 'cept for... and I'll then list a few of the things that actually still need to be done. I suspect Janis thinks the list is even longer. It seems I am the eternal optimist and she keeps score based on how things really are.

Today, I did the last of the welding and grinding on the train and declared it complete. It was time to pull the little rig out of the shop and make room for some big projects about to start. I set the rail truck on the tracks and then called Phoebe for another test drive, this time with the trailer hooked to the rear. We ran the train back and forth on the track, tooting the whistle and ringing the bell. We had to stop a couple of times to adjust things... and to make a list of things that still needed to be done. But the little rig is running great! When we were done I went into the house for supper. Janis asked me how things were going on the train. I confidently told her it was done! I got 'that look' once more and I had to admit it was done, 'cept for a few minor things.

The first time I had declared the rail truck DONE was about eleven years ago when Phoebe was almost two. I had fabricated the vehicle as a three wheeler back then. I confidently told Janis it was done and got 'that look' then too. It turned out that the little truck loved straight rails but when we got to the first corner it jumped the tracks. It was back to the drawing board to re-engineer the vehicle. I ended up having to completely rebuild the frame and running gear of the little truck and that took a while. It seems Janis just might have been right.  :)

phoebe and grampa in rail truck.png
phoebemobile on tracks 3.png
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