A gauge of friendship

A number of years ago I got a phone call from a guy named Doug Haffner who lived in Illinois. He had been laid off from a very good paying job and was looking to start his own business doing creative things. He asked me if I thought it was worthwhile for him to take my workshop. My answer was simple. 'It would change his life.' He hooked up his small camping trailer and drove all the way out to attend the workshop. That workshop did indeed change his life and we became good friends. A year or two later he returned to take a second workshop and this time he brought me a present. It was an antique, a gigantic pressure gauge. Doug told me it was for a special project.

That beautiful brass gauge that Doug gave me has been on display in my office since then, waiting patiently - until tonight. I knew all along how I would use it but it had to wait until the time was right, until I was ready. It is now mounted on the cowling of the little rail truck. I set the gauge to about 185 lbs. The needle bounces beautifully when the truck moves. It won't be hooked up to the air line... the little gauge above it does the real monitoring of the air pressure. The old brass gauge serves to remind me of my good friend and how I was able to encourage him just a little on his creative journey. I look forward to visiting him again in a few months.

guages and whistle 3.png
whistle installed.png
Dan SawatzkyComment