Ready to test drive

We've all heard of writers who have 'writer's block' where months go by and they can't come up with anything to put down on paper. Once in a while I used to wonder if I would eventually run out of ideas. But I somehow doubt it. At this point I believe I'm going to have to live to be a hundred and fifty to get all of my current ideas built... and every day it seems even better ideas pop into my head. This evening, as I was working on the little trailer for the rail truck my brain was racing ahead to two large projects currently in the design stage. My thinking was being influenced by the project I was working on - this little trailer. As I worked I thought about what I would do different, next time... what could I do better, how could we ramp things up even higher. Plenty of ideas came to mind. 

While I am absolutely delighted with how the truck and trailer are turning out, they are becoming less important with each passing day. My favourite project is always the next one...  Just imagine!

trailer welded with seat 1.png
trailer welded with seat 2.png
trailer welded with seat from top.png
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