Growing up

I was up at Cultus Lake Adventure Park today with my grand daughter Phoebe and her friend. I chose not to go on rides today as Phoebe and Jordan were more than capable of handling things on their own. Instead, I took the opportunity to watch the crowds interact with the park we had helped build. The park is now three years old and looking good. It functions beautifully, even with a large crowd. The operations management and staff has made a few small changes to make it work even better.

With each passing year the park looks better. Good management and maintenance certainly show. The biggest change since the park was built is in the landscape. The trees are maturing and in the process the hardscape looks even better, and appears like it has always been there.

There is one more weekend of operation this year and then we set to work on some major additions for next year. Stay tuned...

foliage 1.png
foliage 3.png
foliage 2.png
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