Bowling extravaganza!

We've been busy in the shop for many months building pieces for NEB's Fun World in Oshawa, Ontario. The pieces for the bowling alley were large and designed to fit together at the end of the lanes and up the side walls. There are 52 lanes in total, making for a lot of pieces to fit together. In our shop we never had more than two pieces together as they were simply too large.

Yesterday, Peter and I flew to Oshawa to see everything set up for the first time. Our task is to texture and faux finish the panels above the themed pieces on the side walls. To see all of the pieces assembled was IMPRESSIVE! The NEB's crew did an awesome job putting everything together. The difficulty is that the pieces are incredibly heavy and they have to go in over an operating bowling alley. The crew created special rigging for the task and are now almost done. They managed this monumental task without damaging anything! Only eleven posts are yet to be installed. I'll be posting more progress shots tomorrow.

Dan SawatzkyComment