Success at last!

Today I was out in the shop cutting the last of the pieces for the train. I welded them into place and did some final hookups. Then it was time to roll the little rig out into the sunshine at last. I carefully put the rail truck on the tracks. I shot a few pictures before calling Phoebe over for a test drive. She's been patiently waiting for her whole twelve and a half years for this day. I fired up the motor and eased the Johnson bar forward. This time the chain was tight enough to stay in place. We navigated through the first corner with ease. It was smooth sailing all the way to the end of the track and back. We made a second run together to be sure all was well. Then I jumped out and Phoebe got into the cab. It was her turn to give the truck a test drive while I took some pictures. As we rolled past the station tower it made me smile... for this was the first piece of the railway I built fourteen years ago. It's been a long wait!

phoebe driving rail truck 2.png
phoebe driving rail truck.png
phoebe driving rail truck 3.png
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