Remove and re-install

Removing the tandem axles on the rear of the rail truck only took a few minutes. I cut off the bolts, ground everything smooth and then welded in the new ones. Mounting the single axle was then quick and easy. Having a workshop filled with all the right tools helped a great deal! I picked up a new longer chain this afternoon which I'll install tomorrow. I decided the back inner fender area looks a little plain, as does the front fender area but I had a cure in mind. After a little online research of period train suspension I designed an arch bar suspension for the front axle and a heavy duty leaf suspension system for the rear are in order. I took some careful measurements and then designed the many pieces. The drawing below shows the pieces for one side of the rail truck. Tomorrow I'll plasma cut the many bits out of 3/8" thick plate steel and begin assembly. I love this kind of task! Stay tuned...

single rear axle installed.png
Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 9.09.13 PM copy.png
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