Work begins on the show booth

The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions EXPO in Orlando, Florida is now only four months distant. Subtract the time we need to ship our booth to Florida plus the time we will spend out of town on projects and it quickly becomes evident we need to start getting busy building our new display. Today was the day. We displayed in a ten foot by ten foot space last year and upped the space to twenty feet wide this year. Rather than start from scratch we decided instead to gut our existing booth and give it a total revamp. We dismantled last year's display and cut off all of the elements we are not using. Then we began to add the new features. The first was a new desk which swings out from the wall support. We'll begin the new wing walls tomorrow.

Our idea to build a giant pallet with walls with everything attached proved to be an excellent idea. It only took us about half an hour to get ready at the show. With the knowledge gained from displaying last year we are going to streamline everything even more this time around. Setup will be even easier (and quicker too!) this year.

Last year's experience at the show taught us there are only two questions we need to visually answer. The questions are 'WHO ARE WE?' and 'WHAT DO WE DO?' So the centre ten feet will become our 'shop space' with our company name 'IMAGINATION CORPORATION' in large bold letters across the back. We will have a piece 'in progress' as the centrepiece. We will dress in 'work clothes' to demonstrate that we build what we design. On the left side of the booth will be our design station. I'll be sitting at my table designing with a monitor behind me showing the project I am working on. The rear wall of this 'studio' area will be covered in concept drawings of various projects. In large bold letters across the back will be 'DESIGN'. On the left side of the booth will be the word 'BUILD'. and in this area we will have some study models on display. This is going to be fun!

Dan SawatzkyComment