And now something different!

When Phoebe, our first grand child was born twelve years ago I was determined to be the best grampa ever. Phoebe and I spent countless hours enjoying each other's company when she was young and we discovered so many wonderful things together. As Phoebe grew so too did our adventures. As each summer approached I would ask her what special adventures she wanted to do this year.

When she was three she presented me with her list for that year. There were four items. She wanted to drive a car. She wanted to see the jets. She wanted to see the police on the horses and she wanted to pet a pig. Some kiddy go karts satisfied the first request and she proudly drove it all by herself with grampa cheering her on from the sidelines. I remember her crashing into the tires when she turned to wave at me but the attendant soon had her on the go once more. Attending the Abbotsford airshow gave Phoebe her fill of jet planes. They were VERY LOUD! We got to sit in on a showing of the Royal Mounted PoliceMusical ride which Phoebe enjoyed immensely. Petting a pig was the toughest adventure to fulfill that year but at summer's end we went to the local fall fair and she was absolutely delighted to find a whole pen of piglets. She petted each one and named them too. I drew the line when she asked to take them home. And so it went each year with ever greater adventures each year. Phoebe is now twelve.

Today, we woke up extra early and jumped in the jeep. It was a three hour drive to the Whistler Resort. Our biggest adventure on this year's list was to do the six biggest zip lines there. We had previously done the research online and booked well in advance. Last year on one of our adventures we had journeyed to the Okanagan to do some smaller zip lines there. This year we were ready for the big league. We first did the five zip lines on ZIP TREK's Eagle Tour. The longest of those measures out at 2,400 feet and is very impressive. The views and scenery are spectacular. And the zip lines are breath taking. After the first five we had some lunch and relaxed a little in the village. Then it was time for the grand adventure - ZIP TREK's Sasquatch Tour. We weighed in at the base station and  took a leisurely and scenic chairlift to mid station on Blackcomb Mountain. We then buckled on our harnesses and hardhats and jumped in the van for a bumpy four wheel drive adventure further up the mountain. A short walk brought us to the long awaited and much anticipated adventure of the day. It was breathtaking to say the least. The side by side zip lines stretch 7,000 feet across the valley to the mid station of Whistler Mountain on the other side. You can't even see the station because it is so far away. At mid point the line is 600 feet from the valley floor. Phoebe was all smiles and more than eager to go. Grampa of course showed no fear. We clipped on and had the ride of our lives. 7,000 feet, 600 feet off the ground, more than 100 kilometres an hour. It was truly fun and a teeny bit terrifying! I can only imagine what next year's adventure will be...

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