A bird in hand...

The theme of the exterior of our house is hearts. Thousands of hearts of all sizes are routed into the trim. The east side of the house has no windows and is extra tall because the ground falls away in that area. To break up the vast space we added pillars to the rock work. Dimensional panels in the pillars feature a pattern hearts of course.

As we begin to add detail to Becke's modular home we have similar challenges. The ground on the east (back) side of her home slopes down rapidly, making for a long and tall wall. Like the house we will do rock work on the bottom portion and like the house it will have dimensional panels in it. Since Becke is an avid birder, birds are a fitting theme. Peter came up with a design and we are in the process of routing the fifteen panels in two sizes as required. There is one pillar on each corner plus seven more along the back side. Peter and the crew are busy adding the plywood backing for the skirting. Well add horizontal boards to this portion to match the upper walls. The concrete will be covered in hand sculpted rock work (like the house) with the pillars breaking up the long expanse.

Dan SawatzkyComment