A long time coming

When we first moved to our property in 2003 one of the first things we tackled was the footing and retaining wall for our fence. We worked on the project while we waited for the building permit to be issued for our shop. When the permit was acquired we abandoned the fencing project and concentrated on building the shop. That project took a little more than a year. Much more time was spent creating the rolling landscape of the yard and eventually the new house was started which took a few more years to finish. After that we did a bunch more landscaping. 

Last year at last we began work on the fence once more. It was a big project, especially in the method we chose. We first ended up the steel structure, followed by miles of pencil rod. Galvanized lath was attached and then we began the hand sculpting of each board. Much of that work was completed last year. Much of our time this year was spent reshaping the yard and putting in Becke's modular home but we started on the fence once more when things slowed down. Tomorrow, at last the final glazes will go onto the neighbour's side of the two hundred and twenty-five foot fence. Then we start painting our side. Good things are worth waiting for.  :)

Dan SawatzkyComment