Success at last

I've been working on the design for the little rail truck for months. I've settled on two designs but once I started fabrication things didn't look nearly as good as I had imagined. Each time it was back to the drawing board. The difficulty is the small wheel sets I have on hand. They are the most expensive part of a train build and I need to work with what I have. I decided to do up a C-cab truck steamer and finished the design last night.

This morning as I walked out to the shop for some playtime the perfect solution came to me in a flash. The little model T with the side car would look great with two sets of tandem wheels. I would shorten the hood area and open it up to the cab to provide a little more leg room. Then I would hide the single cylinder gas powered motor under a box which would sit on the rear deck of the truck. I whipped up a scaled sketch to prove the concept and then struck up the plasma cutter and grinder to take the previous attempt apart. Once I had the previous version of the truck in pieces I cut a little more steel and started welding everything back together once more. In a couple of hours I had it all tacked together again and the results made me smile.

Dan SawatzkyComment