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The 'MARVELOUS MACHINE' which I am imagining and building needs a purpose. The big question is 'What does it do?' As often is the case there is no simple answer. It will take a little study. The machine is obviously a steam engine of the vertical variety. It has a single cylinder which powers a crankshaft and flywheel. That shaft turns a variety of gears. One of those gears will power an electric dynamo. The electric current produced will in turn be transmitted via some wires to another device which shall for the time being remain secret.

Today it was time to design the electric dynamo. I searched the web for pictures of authentic historical devices (of which there were a great variety). I picked my favourite and then used that old photograph as reference (with a fair amount of artistic licence) to create the concept design for the equipment. I did the drawing on my iPad. With the drawing in hand I can begin designing the cut files for the pieces.

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