Give the gears

My 'MARVELOUS MACHINE' is coming along nicely. I am at a point where it is time to do some serious engineering before I get too much farther along in the fancy stuff. The whole point in having a machine with moving parts is to have lots of movement. In this case one gear will turn another which in turn will turn another and so on. That meant it was time to design some gears. The gears will be cut from some ultra hard plastic. This material is designed for just such a task. As luck would have it I cut some pieces for a friend from this material about ten years ago. He gave me the left over material as a thank you and it is just enough to cut the gears I need for this project.

To start I designed five gears ranging in size from about five inches to five times that size. They should do the job nicely. Each is slightly different in detail which will provide the look I am seeking.

I can hardly wait to see the gears working together to make true magic!

Dan SawatzkyComment