Definition of a sign

We define a sign differently than most people who create them. To us a sign can be 'anything that draws attention to a product, service or business.' This can include a whole lot of things. It is about turning heads, attracting interest and sending a clear message to prospective customers. While many concentrate on a board with letters we instead look at a much bigger picture. What part does the building play in this message. And of course the landscaping is important too. And then there's all the other things we can offer.

By carefully implementing our definition of a sign our street side presence is massive, even though our actual sign is quite small (as governed by the local bylaws). Since our shop is at the back of our property (300 feet from the road) we put a lot of effort into the house up front and the landscape also plays a very important role. By paying careful attention to the buildings and landscape we effectively multiply our presence many times more than a conventional sign might.

Dan SawatzkyComment