Hard to turn on a dime

Each time we send off a load of features to a customer it is time for a thorough clean and reorganize of our working space. For many weeks or even months at a time we focus on getting a project done and out of the door. As the pieces add up in readiness for a shipment space is often at a premium. We do our best to keep a clean and tidy working space but things do add up when it is difficult to even move.

Even before the truck picked up the loaded trailer bound for NEBs in Ontario we began our reorganizing and cleaning of the shop and yard. Todays major project was to turn the shipping container around. After a paint job we'll move it again to a location at the rear of our property. It is no small task. I gave our little forklift quite a workout tonight, requiring a little push with the yard tractor too. The container is forty feet long and weighed in at just under 9,000 lbs empty. Our concrete pad in front of the shop is forty-five feet wide leaving little room to spare. That meant lots of lifting at one one end, moving, blocking and then going to the other end to repeat the process a few feet at a time.

Dan SawatzkyComment