Everybody loves a parade!

Whenever we move some of our creations it is a lot like a parade. Everybody loves a parade. When we roll by people suddenly stop what they are doing, point, smile and wave. At the worksite it is more of the same for our clients... it feels a lot like Christmas morning with wonderful presents to unwrap. Today was that day.

The adventure began with the giant crane pulling into our yard, followed by the flatbed truck. We carefully hooked up each piece and watched as it was hoisted gingerly onto the truck. Once everything was in place our crew supervised the tie down, tucking old towels into potential friction points to protect the paint. Everything was checked, and checked again before the mobile adventure began. The giant flatbed truck looked a whole lot like a parade float with all of the brightly coloured pieces carefully arranged on the deck. Then we gave the signal to proceed and the sixty mile long parade begins. We kept in touch with our client along our journey so they could coordinate their crews with our arrival and as we approached the excitement mounted. After a quick onsite meeting with our crews to work out all of the logistics we untied the load and one by one the features are hooked up and carefully craned into position. All went well and every piece was loaded to it's new permanent home.

Much like the angel on a Christmas tree, the crowning piece was the radiant Flutterbye. It 'flew' into position from on high. In the space of a couple of hours our latest exciting escapade was done. But, in a few weeks we will have another parade with the second load of features for the PNE. Stay tuned...

Dan SawatzkyComment