Variety is the spice of life!

The hardest question I get asked is 'What kinds f things can we design and build?' The answer is 'Just about anything we can imagine!' Spanning through the last forty years, the variety of projects that we designed is vast. Each time the giant shop doors open something cool is bound to come out. Even longer, is the list of projects we have designed for others to build. I was going through some old photos this past week and came across two projects we designed back when we lived in Chemainus in the 1980's. The little town is famous for it's historical murals. A friend decided to open a mural tour service and asked me to design a horse drawn wagon. Things went so well they soon needed a second tour vehicle, this time self propelled. We converted a tractor into an English train. Both were built on a tight budget but turned out great!

Dan SawatzkyComment