Twenty-eight complete - eight to go!

Peter and I drew up a concept drawing for NEBs Fun World bowling alley last fall. The concepts mapped out the overall look and some small sample pieces set the standard for the textures and colours for the crew. Then we began work. The bowling alley is more than 300 feet wide with fifty-two lanes. To facilitate the shipping and handling of the pieces we broke the long wall into twenty-six pieces plus five pieces up each side of the lanes. The tricky part is to maintain a consistent look throughout the project, even though the bulk of it has already been shipped. The time form the first to the last piece will be a span of five months. None of the pieces are identically the same but each piece flows into the next for a consistent look. To make sure everything matched we numbered each section and photographed them. We then referred to those photos as we worked on the adjacent panels.  

We won't see it all together until it is all installed but we are confident it will fit together seamlessly. The first two side wall panels were moved from the shop into storage today. The crew did an awesome job of painting them!

Dan SawatzkyComment