A secret wish coming true

I've long held a secret wish to illustrate a children's book. This book would allow me to draw wonderful ideas in support of a great story. Hopefully this book would enable kids (and adults too) to visit some awesome places and meet some great characters as they experienced some imaginative and exciting adventures. 

More than twenty-five years ago I started a series of illustrations which I imagined would form the basis of this story and eventually a children's book. But after completing only three of the illustrations my life got extremely busy (as it always seems to do) and the project was set aside. Those colourful drawings have lain dormant in a sealed box for all those years but they were not forgotten. Each time we moved I would carefully unpack them and resolve once again that someday when I had a little more time I would pick up where I left off. A few months ago we moved the drawings into the house as we needed the storage space in the shop. I looked at them again, and once more promised myself that I would get back to them soon.

Then, a few weeks later I got an unexpected email from Richard, a long distance friend. He described an exciting bucket list project he was working on. It was a children's book. He asked if I was interested in illustrating it. I of course responded with an enthusiastic YES! He sent me a draft of the story and as I read his story, those drawings I had started so long ago came to mind once again. When Janis & I travelled to California a few weeks ago, we met over lunch and I shared other similar drawings I had done for various projects through the years but never used. These too, we determined would work well in the new story. My long held dream is coming to life once more. A few evenings each week and on weekends I spend time drawing my heart out. The story my good friend related to me is coming to life in a whole new series of illustrations.

While I of course cannot reveal any details of the story we are currently working on until it is published, I can share one of those drawings I did so long ago. Imagine the possibilities...

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