Making Christmas memories

At our house everyone helps to get ready for the Christmas feast. One of grampa's jobs was to cut the bread into cubes for the delicious turkey stuffing. Juniper, of course, was eager to help as grampa laid the many slices out on the table to dry out a little before cutting. As usual, when grampa and a grandchild are 'working' together, it quickly became a very fun game. Grampa may have encouraged it - just a little. As fast as grampa laid out the bread slices on the table Juniper stacked them up again, taking the occasional bite to make sure it still tasted good. The task took a little longer than it normally would but we got the job done with lots of laughs and in great style. This is the stuff(ing) of Christmas memories to be cherished.

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!

cutting bread crumbs.png
Dan SawatzkyComment