Marvellous machine progress

I started my Sign Invitational entry piece just after we got back from last year's event down in Las Vegas. Back then I just knew how this year was going to happen and I knew I had no time to waste. The year happened at a much more frantic pace than I imagined with many trips to Trinidad, Salt Lake, Orlando, Atlantic City and more. We've been busy in the shop as well and much time has been spent at my design board dreaming up new projects. The truth is that for much of the last nine months the piece has been tucked into a corner of the shop gathering dust. Phoebe needing to work on her school project was just the motivation for me to dust off the piece and begin work once more. In the last two days I've made great progress. The bottom end is largely complete, save for paint. Much of the detail is completed in the middle section and I mounted the 'human interface device' this afternoon. An old, inoperable antique typewriter donated it's parts for the 'HID'. I know everyone is eager to ask it's purpose... but that's still highly classified... for now. Stay tuned... :)

December 17 progress.png
Dan SawatzkyComment