A great adventure

As I looked at our recent project, just transported to it's destination I was struck by how far we've come through the years. The latest project is a massive piece, prefabricated in our shop, and readied for a quick installation onsite tomorrow. Everything will fit like a glove I'm sure.

Back when we started, so many years ago, the process was much more cumbersome. One of the first pieces, a space ship, was built in our garage in the basement of our home. I had only the most basic of tools to work with. The fumes from the welding and fibreglass construction went into the house. My family also bravely put up with the considerable noise and dust of construction. When we were complete the piece was dragged from the garage and somehow manhandled onto a homebuilt trailer for transport. The load was definitely well over the trailer's load limit and I vividly remember two very scary tire blowouts on the hundred mile journey to our customer. (I carried two spares - just in case.) Thankfully, we managed to get there in one piece. We do things a lot differently these days and have definitely learned a great deal from our considerable experience and many adventures.

space ship in  transit.png
Dan SawatzkyComment