It's that time of year!

December always seems to sneak up on me as our fall seasons tend to be busy. This year is exceptionally so. When I got back from Trinidad Janis reminded me that it was time to put up the Christmas lights. They somehow got missed last year (as I was in Dubai) but this year there was no excuse as I was home for a whole five days in a row before the next trip. :) I dusted off the big lighted wreath but as I remembered there were so many lights out and beyond repair I decided it would be easier to scrap them all and put on a whole new set.

Luckily the Christmas lights were on sale at the hardware store and so I loaded up with many boxes of coloured lights and an arm full of black tape to fasten them to the welded frame. By judiciously moving the large pieces underway in the shop I squeezed just enough room to work on the project. It was much nicer than working outside in the cold! It's going much faster than I remember the first time I did the task a few years ago. By tomorrow the lighted wreath will be ready to hang in our front window. It is indeed that time of year.

tying lights.png
Dan SawatzkyComment