Going vertical!

Today was the day for which we've been waiting a very long time. We emptied the last two (of eighteen) shipping containers this afternoon. The last container held the masts for the ships (among other features). There were four masts in total. Each was carefully unfastened from it's custom welded steel pallet and lifted into place with the zoom boom. I was amazed at how much the park changed with the vertical additions! Tomorrow we will have sculpted from the previously flat landscape, all but one of the adventure golf holes. It has been a very challenging journey thus far but the project is living up to my long held vision in every respect! In the next three weeks the last of the concrete will be poured and the last of the fill trucked in, allowing us to close the temporary road into the site as we work our way out of the completed area. The landscaping begins very soon as well and this will change the site in the biggest way yet! I can hardly wait!

ship masts installed.png
Dan SawatzkyComment