Ready for the IAAPA

The setting up of a theme park trade show is an amazing experience. Over 1000 vendors from around the world converge on the massive trade show floor of the convention centre. I arrived early this morning but many of the exhibitors have already been busy for days. Displays of every imaginable description are in the process of being assembled. The isles are plugged full of massive crates and boxes. Thousands of people are busy unpacking and setting up. Peter, Hailey and Rebecca are in the air travelling from the West coast to Florida today. I came up from Trinidad late last night which meant it fell to me do the setup. Thankfully our booth is an extremely easy go. Four bolts needed to be undone, the doors swung open and then I rolled out the carpets. The most time consuming task was to assemble four new IKEA chairs.  :)  We are now ready for the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions EXPO!

booth set up.png
Dan Sawatzky1 Comment