Icing the cake

A large part of the construction of any commercial project is the infrastructure. This is largely invisible when the project is complete but just under the surface are many, many thousands of feet of electrical conduits, drainage and water pipes, communication lines and a host of other things. Footings and foundations, with their miles of hand tied rebar lie there too. Around all of this the ground is shaped and built up. This involves countless truck loads of fill and many hours of levelling, shaping and packing it all into place. Then at last the building starts.

A commercial project is built to a much higher standard than residential. There is far more rebar, tons more concrete and the process is much more involved. In the case of a theme park everything is multiplied for the sake of safety. We don't build to a failure rate of one in a hundred, or one in a million as the cycle rate would mean an eventual failure and be catastrophic. Everything has to be engineered and double checked and then monitored all the way through construction.

All this of course takes time and in a place like Trinidad there is an extra level of difficulty for many things that are common back home, here need to be sourced and most likely imported - itself a much more difficult process by virtue of it's remoteness.

Now we are almost through all of that drawn out process at last and the features are being placed onto their foundations. Concrete is being poured around them, which will completely hide all the work that has gone on before. As the finishing starts the pace seems to quicken. The crews who have been labouring for years on this site suddenly are able to see exactly what it is they are building. The theme work we do in our shop is the icing which will decorate a very complex cake.

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