Story telling

Telling a story visually is fun. In a theme park it is doubly so. The temptation is always to throw a whole bunch of colourful ideas we like together, and while it may be exciting it becomes confusing and overwhelming for our guests. Instead we make sure to tell the story simply but include many small details to inform our guests. Chances are they many not consciously note these details but they feel them without a doubt. Even in cartoon worlds we need to stay on topic and make it believable.

The story we carefully crafted of the Kraken is informed in many ways. The sub itself is fashioned from copper plate, held together with rivets throughout. A patina of oxidation tells of it's age and various scrapes and dings demonstrate hard use it experienced when the Gruffles of our story were out pillaging. The Gruffles' logo of the skull and crossed wrenches is there to strike terror in those who encountered this fearsome craft. Their conquests were recorded on the side of the submersible craft by painting silhouettes on the port side. They include seven tall ships, one rowboat, a small island and a surfer. The paint is purposely aged and flaked to further tell the story.

Many guest will not take the time to look or notice all of the details but it will be a memorable place that seems believable without a doubt.

kraken markings.png
Dan SawatzkyComment