Concept drawing - the old fashioned way

The last big job I designed 'the old fashioned way' (drawn by hand on paper) was back in the late 90's. In those days I would draw my idea with a technical pen and then have it copied with a black and white laser copier. I would then colour the copy using transparent inks and a brush. The results were wonderful but the process was laborious. Mistakes meant I had to start over again as did revisions to the design. When it came time to do the presentations it was another trip to the colour photo copiers in town. If the person behind the counter knew their stuff I got excellent copies but if not then I had to make do with what I got. It was a very expensive and time consuming process. Now the process is a whole lot simpler. I still do all my drawing by hand these days but now it is done with a digital pencil on my computer using an iPad as an interface. The process is a whole lot quicker and changes are instant. There is a colour printer on my desk to create my presentations at any scale I wish in an instant. I love the new ways a whole lot better!

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Dan SawatzkyComment