A new dream revealed

For every project I write about on this journal there is another that remains a secret... at least for a while. One such project has been in the works for many months. It's our most ambitious dream to date and is quite like anything we've done previously.

When Peter and Hailey were first married they travelled to Europe on their honeymoon. The highlight of the trip was a night they stayed in a real castle. That experience inspired an idea which was first imagined by Hailey. The dream is to build a very special inn with only three suites. Each suite will have a private 600 square foot garden and will be highly themed with immense attention paid to every possible detail. There was no time for delay. Hailey and Peter bought the vacant property next door to us and since then our team has been working hard to begin bringing the unique vision to life. The first step was to do the initial planning and change the zoning of the property. That is now accomplished and we can share the dream at last.

It is to be called the Hazelnut Inn, a nod to the historical use of the property. To read a journal of our progress you can go to www.hazelnutinn.com

The 'Copper Crown' will be a luxurious castle suite, trimmed out in exquisite detail from bottom floor to top to the gilded towers. The bedroom will be in an upper tower overlooking the fanciful garden. Typical castle details like a drawbridge, leaded glass and heavy stonework will abound.

The center unit we have dubbed the 'Under Hill'. We'll add a generous dose of natural flavour to suit this little home under the hill to make it unlike anything ever seen previously. We anticipate this to be a most popular place to stay.

The 'North Star' has the stern of an ancient square rigged ship attached to the tower. Inside and in the garden will be an eclectic collection wonderful artifacts gathered from mythic lands.The 'North Star' will be an explorer's delight. 

There is of course much more to reveal and we will - over time. Stay tuned...

view from east side final.png