A license to print money

We've all heard the expression that 'someone has the license to print money'. I've never had one of those but I do have an artistic license which allows me to create some cool artwork. What I create is far from legal tender but it is as good as money for certain things. Our clients sometimes seek our help in creating clever advertising campaigns, most often as a discount coupon of some sort. It's fun to use the customer's mascot and logos (which we also designed) in the design. The coupons hopefully do many things including bringing new and existing customers especially in the slower times. The faux notes also build brand awareness, and hopefully make people smile. All are good for business in the long run. The artwork below was created way back in 2011. We handed them out like candy, at parades and special events. I still see them occasionally, kept as a souvenir and pinned to somebody's bulletin board. Although the coupon was only valid for one season and has long expired it is still effectively advertising the brand. That's as good as a license to print money. :)

Dan SawatzkyComment