Start of something BIG

We are so very pleased to announce a new client whom we have looked forward to working with for a very long time. We will be building three features for this season with many more to come in the future. Our client is Playland at the Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver, BC. Amazingly, the PNE has been in existence since 1910. I first enjoyed it more than fifty years ago and now we will be helping to make it even more exciting.

Playland is adding three new rides this year and we will be creating the theme for two of the rides. They've asked us to keep theme under wraps for a while but we are allowed to show you pictures of the progress as we build. Yesterday, we began cutting and fitting the beginning bits of the structural steel. The pieces are all a good size with the first being the largest. The base is already, designed to just fit out the door. The feature/sign will be built in three pieces. Stacked up when complete, the finished feature will measure more than twenty feet tall! This is going to be a whole lot of fun!

Dan SawatzkyComment