Learning about project management

We've built many different projects through the years including houses and commercial buildings. As we began in the theme park business I learned that managing a project of this sort is a whole new ball game. We jumped in the deep end of the pool. Our first complete theme project was in a little town called Coombs on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. It was built for five partners (each with their own ideas) in a poor location, behind a small local drinking establishment. As it happened, that little bar was where most of the contractors and labourers were hired. That too was a lesson all in itself. Keeping track of and being responsible for many different contractors was a bit like juggling cats at times. Despite the incredible challenges the project turned out great and was finished on time. We learned plenty and survived... although the business venture did not.

That project led to another right next door. An already successful tourist attraction needed a landmark on the road. Working around tough signage regulations (but no building code) we designed and built an 'entrance portal'. This was the first time we used a weld on scaffold which was cut off as we worked our way down the feature.

Dan SawatzkyComment