Pub signs - take two

I'll always be a sign maker at heart but ordinary signs aren't what excites me. I love super creative and dimensional projects. One of my favourite group of signs we've made was for the Fox and Hounds Pub. The signs we designed and crafted for that project told the story of the place rather than advertising real brands of beer. Each sign was a visual pun, and real eye candy. When we finished that project I wondered if another opportunity like that would ever arise again.

It turns out we are indeed that lucky. The decor in NEB's Pub will again feature delightful, tongue in cheek, fictitious beer advertising who's sole purpose is to tell a story of NEB's Fun World. Peter and I decided we would start with four signs to start. He picked two and I did as well. The signs will illustrate some aspect of the magical and enchanted garden, while staying within the theme of the pub. We'll be making the signs in the next couple of weeks and then using them as examples while we help teach a sign routing workshop we are doing in Denver later this month. Here's the two designs I worked up today. I'll post Peter's designs tomorrow.

Dan SawatzkyComment