MOA train

If you are ever passing through Minneapolis, Minnesota and have a chance to go to the Mall of America wander up to the third floor and you will see some of our work there. About ten years ago we designed the adventure golf for the mall. We built the features and signs in our shop. We partnered with a Minneapolis rock sculpting company to build the mountain and they also installed our completed work. The project had a tight timeline and in just over two months months we created enough features and signs to fill two large semi trucks. One of those pieces was this steam train.

The challenge of this project was to keep things light weight as we were building a literal mountain on the third floor of an existing mall. The engineers were worried. We used every trick in the book to make all of the features extremely strong but light weight. When we were done everything was loaded onto the transport trucks and sent it on it's way. The next day I jumped on a plane in order to beat the trucks to Minnesota. My job was to ensure everything was unloaded carefully, brought into the mall after normal operating hours. We then hoisted up the features to the third floor with a tall crane they had set up inside the mall.  Over a period of weeks in three separate visits I art directed the placement of each feature and also the rockwork that the local team was building. This was my first installation where I could do no physical work but only supervise because of immigration rules. It was a tough assignment for this hands-on kind of guy. While everything may not have been done exactly the way I would have done it, the adventure golf turned out pretty spectacular. 

Dan SawatzkyComment