Peter discovers a new tool

It's a well known fact that I love tools. Over the years we have gathered a good assortment for just about any job imaginable. There are a few I don't use every day but it is comforting to know that when I need them they are handy. A number of years ago I acquired a giant, antique anvil. It's a real beauty. I use it often, but Peter loves to dispute that fact (somewhat disparagingly I might add). He has, on occasion, even wondered aloud why it remains in the shop. Recently, when cleaning out the shop he instructed the crew to take the heavy anvil off it's custom made block stand and tucked it into the corner. His excuse was the anvil was taking up far too much room. I of course knew better. Yesterday, he was fashioning a metal crown for a sign he is creating and wondered how he would shape the metal. I suggested he use the anvil and a hammer, as it always works well for me. And so he did - with great success. I suspect that the old anvil is now one of Peter's favourite tools. I wouldn't be surprised to see it all polished up and sitting on the stand in it's rightful place very soon.

Dan Sawatzky2 Comments