Flying Viking ship parts

The impressive challenge of the day was to set up and load six containers with the many pieces of the first Viking ship and various other features. The first container truck arrived at eight this morning and the giant crane a few minutes later. While some of the crew helped set things up the rest of them pulled the soft top and bows off the first container and backed the truck into position near the crane. It is always a bit nerve wracking and yet very exciting to see our giant (and very heavy) features get hooked up and fly through the air. The crane operator was cautious and skillful and did his job smoothly - my favourite kind of operator. As we loaded the first piece the crew opened up the next container in readiness. Each piece went into the containers perfectly and as soon as they were loaded the trucks were pulled out of the way to make room for the next truck and container. The crew would then put the bows back in place and stretch the giant tarp back on the top then jump to a waiting truck to remove it's canvas top. We averaged a load every one hour and ten minutes - an outstanding performance by the entire crew! All of the pieces went in without even a scratch and everyone kept safe and sound. It doesn't get better than that! THANKS!

Dan SawatzkyComment