A little time for the train

With each passing day I manage at least a couple little things on the train. Progress isn't swift but each day we get ever closer. The electric motor and controls are now mounted to the chassis, along with the transmission, various pulleys, sprockets, chains and belts. I've sourced and mounted the cables, designed and built the levers. Using wiring diagrams found online I've tentatively run the wiring but I won't test fire until a friend who knows more than I about things electrical takes a look. Yesterday, we took delivery of the six heavy duty, deep cycle batteries. Back when I designed the train body more than a decade ago I had decided to use four - eight volt batteries to save weight and space but on further research I decided six - six volt deep cycle batteries would give us a much longer running time and overall life. That meant the battery box I had built was too small but it was an easy fix. I fired up the MultiCam CNC plasma cutter and whipped up some steel pieces to weld together. I then fabricated a small box to add to the back of the train engine. I'll deck it out like a tool box and it will look just fine. There's still lots of little things to work out but it won't be long until we go for a joyride!

Dan SawatzkyComment