Short week but plenty accomplished

We celebrated a provincial holiday this past week. That meant the shop was closed on Monday leaving us only four workdays to complete our long list of chores. The crew enjoyed their extra day off and came in on Tuesday eager to help us achieve our weekly goal. We hoped to complete the painting of the first Viking ship, assemble the second one (back from the galvanizers) lath and sculpt one of the ship halves. Tonight as they headed home all that and more had been accomplished by working hard together. It was a great effort by the entire crew!

We'll spend a good portion of Monday arranging all of the features to make room for the giant sixty ton crane and a forty foot container. There will be six trucks in all, spaced one hour apart. That will allow us time to remove the canvas tops, back the trucks into the long driveway, load the giant pieces, put the tops back on the truck and then repeat the process until the first ship, it's related pieces and the last of the target feature pieces are all tucked safely into the trucks and on their way to Dubai.

Dan SawatzkyComment