Great wall of Yarrow

When we first moved onto our property, about thirteen years ago, one of the first things I did was lay the footings and foundations for the retaining walls and fences around our property. The fence on top had to wait until a few other things were complete. This included the new shop, house and landscaping. Now at last it is time for the fence. 

We decided a 'wood' fence was the way to go. Only our 'wood' fence is hand sculpted concrete over a sturdy welded steel frame. The fence is a little over six feet tall on the neighbour's side and just over four feet tall on ours as we built up our property quite a bit in this area. This fence will never rot out or blow over! The frame was built last fall during a slow period between projects. Now we have a bit of a gap once more and it is a great time to practice our new found wood carving style. We began with the neighbour's side of course. This portion if the fence will provide plenty of wood carving practice time for it measures a little more than two hundred feet long! We are making great time and are already more than two thirds done.

Dan Sawatzky2 Comments