Visiting old friends

Most of the work we did in our shop for Skallywag Bay in Trinidad was completed and sent on it's way last year. There are fourteen containers of our pieces, plus four of rockwork, four of rides and two others with other bits and bobs from other suppliers. The first containers were shipped from our studio almost two years ago. After their arrival the containers were lined up in long rows, waiting for the infrastructure work to be complete. As with every project there were unavoidable setbacks and delays onsite. Now, the work on the buildings and infrastructure is proceeding much more quickly. It is time, at last to begin establishing the final grades of the site. Many hundreds of loads of fill will be trucked to the site in the coming days. While I was here this trip I went into each container to verify measurements of the pieces. As I entered each container it was like visiting old friends. Every piece has arrived in perfect shape and was waiting patiently in the dark shadows.

I then transferred these feature measurements around the site to mark out the placement of a number of foundations and footings which will be built in the next few weeks to support these features. The next time I come back to Trinidad we will start to pull out many of the features and hoist them into their permanent homes. That will be truly exciting!

Dan SawatzkyComment