Together again!

We are getting pretty fast at disassembling and reassembling the frames for the Viking ships. We first built the lower half of the ship inside the shop. When we were done this was then taken apart, moved out of the shop and reassembled outside. We then built the top half of the ships before disassembling it all once again to send to the galvanizers. All this was done two times as there are two ships. Now we are finally getting the first of the ship pieces back from the galvanizers and we are reassembling them one last time as half (length wise) ships. We'll tie on the galvanized lath and then sculpt the ship planks to complete the hulls. We'll then carefully crane the upper and lower sections into shipping containers for their long journey to Dubai. One more day of welding will finish off the last pieces of the hulls and we are all extremely glad to be finished this part of the project. It's been nine weeks of cutting, fitting, welding and grinding steel!

Dan SawatzkyComment