A little each day

No matter how hectic my day has been I always try to take at least a few minutes to work on the train project. Sometimes it's not much but I manage to do a little design, cut a few pieces, pull some welds or do a little grinding. Those minutes and efforts add up and we are beginning to see some great progress. The 'steam' engine cab was designed with kids in mind. I of course will do the critical job of minding the throttle and brakes and keep an eye on what's ahead on the track. But there's still plenty to do for the junior rider in the cab. Someone will have to yell 'ALL ABOARD!' The bell will of course need frequent ringing and the whistle cord will need pulling to activate the antique brass whistle. There are also four pressure gauges to watch and many taps to carefully adjust to get things running correctly. This is going to be a LOT of fun!

I had great fun making the speed controls over the last week. It looks and works well. Next up is the electric motor throttle which will look (and work) like a prototypical steam engine throttle.

Dan SawatzkyComment