Its a dirty job but someone has to do it

We get many applications to work at our shop - many more that we could ever hope to employ. But I always love to talk to those who want to work here. Most who apply believe it is a fun place to work. It definitely is but most likely not in the way they imagine. The work we do involves a tremendous amount of hard physical labor. Our crew cuts dirty, heavy steel, welds, grinds, mixes concrete, trowels it on, carves it for hours. There is a lot of dirty, dusty cleanup on a daily basis. Heavy things need to be moved. All of our painting is done by hand, often bent over or reaching to the top of what they are able. Often the crew works from ladders or up on scaffolds. It's always too hot (unless it is too cold), always dusty, sometimes smelly, and very often very noisy. Sometimes it can be incredibly messy. No one wears nice clothes on our work sites for they are soon covered in concrete, spattered in paint, ripped, burned or just worn out. There is often a fun debate over who has the worst job of the day and the most feared comment from me (always made with a hearty laugh) is "I have just the fun job for you!"  Today that statement was made to Don and Jack at first coffee. The crew instantly knew something was up for I couldn't keep a straight face. The job was the dirtiest to date... cleaning out the plasma cutter. After almost a year of operation, a four inch thick layer of scrap metal bits and burnt steel sludge had built up in the bottom of the water tank. It took just under four hours to do the incredibly dirty job - all with a smile on their faces. Thanks!

Dan Sawatzky1 Comment