Mason approved

We spend months designing and building our projects, imagining how guests will view and interact with our creations. When the projects are done I love to take guests to the projects and see their reactions and watch them. Yesterday I took my grand nephew up to Cultus Lake Adventure Park. He is almost three. He had no knowledge of who built the project and his reaction would be an honest one. His eyes sure lit up as we walked through the park and he got pretty excited. It was hard to steer him through all of the colourful attractions to go into the play park. Once we got to the rope bridges he focused on the task at hand. I wondered how he would handle the see through rope bridges but he had no fear even though we were far off the ground. He enjoyed 'driving' the truck although he figured the steering wheel really needed to turn. The caves were a big hit and were done at full speed. It was much more fun when I was chasing him roaring like a bear. Next time I'll make sure he has shoes that can handle water as he really wanted to walk in the shallow pond which we designed for that purpose. When it was time to go he wasn't very happy but a promise of a tractor ride when we got home made things a little better.  I know Mason will happily go back the next time I suggest it as he thought it was a very fun place. Cultus Lake Adventure Park is Mason approved.

Dan SawatzkyComment