Making the best of an opportunity

Today, we took a little time to work on a project that has been waiting for more than two years. We have to keep the gates to our property closed as much as possible to prevent a constant stream of 'tourists' who drive in, curious about 'who we are', 'what do we do here?' and 'are we open?' We only accept visits by appointment to keep our daily schedule manageable. The gates by the road are automatic and for a little better than two years the post that held the key pad has been a bare welded armature - waiting for it's sculpted skin of concrete. With a couple hours to spare (while we waited for the truck to return with our galvanized ship pieces) today was the day! It was a great opportunity to explore some new sculpting techniques and was a lot of fun! We now have the fanciest gate keypad post in all of Yarrow! :)

Dan SawatzkyComment