Sail away

With a project like the Viking ships there are many components and aspects to the project. It sure keeps us on our toes. We did the design, hired an engineer, and then cut and welded many tons of steel. There was lots of head scratching as we handled larger pieces than ever before. Then we sent the welded frames off to the galvanizer to be coated with a protective layer of zinc. This got us to the point where we start to do what we do best and that is the theme work. Our crew is familiar and more than capable with this work and on the Viking ships it is our best work ever. Now we are into the final stages and once more we had to contract others to create bits and pieces we couldn't do ourselves. We designed the sailed and sent the massive files off to a company who could handle the large scale work. We got back the double sided printed panels which we sent off again to our sewing experts to make into the sails. When we got them back we rolled them up and built a case to securely transport them. These will be tied to the masts once they get to Dubai.

Dan SawatzkyComment