Offroad inspiration

When I can find the time I love to do a little off roading in the Jeep. This weekend I got the chance to explore some new territory with a few of our employees and their friends. We are blessed to be surrounded by mountains with endless old logging roads to explore. It is all within a short distance from our door. This trip we would head up the steep abandoned logging roads of Mount McGuire. The roads were rocky and bumpy, travelled mostly in first gear with the last third of the distance in four wheel drive. As we neared the top of the drivable section to a height of 4,000 feet the views of the valley far below were spectacular! I took a bunch of photos of rocks and gnarly trees for future reference. At the top of the road the mountain still loomed over us by another 1,500 feet. There was plenty of snow on the ground, even though the temperature was very warm. Best of all the return trip, including multiple stops was less than three hours. The bottom photo has an arrow pointing to approximately how high we got on the mountain. The photo was taken as I travelled to town, about a mile from our house.

Dan SawatzkyComment