Moving target

We've been looking forward to the loading of the target features for a while. This would be the first time we did a live load, which is loading a container while it was still on the truck. The driver is waiting and on the clock and so time was of the essence. Just the same, experience has taught us that everything needs to be checked and rechecked and the loading has to go strictly according to plan with safety being the top priority. We set the crane, hooked up the load and backed the truck into position. I was in the box with a two way radio to talk to the crane operator who would be working blind. We had two spotters and a helper to guide the load and watch from the outside. As the giant 11,000 pound feature came off the ground the wheels dropped off perfectly, as planned. The crane operator skillfully guided it into position and moved it through the container, inch by inch. It went perfectly smooth! The second smaller target, which weighed in at only 2,000 lbs was much easier and faster. In less than an hour the truck was on the way to port and within a few days the container with our features will be sailing to Dubai.

Dan SawatzkyComment