There should be a law!

Many, many years ago I was fortunate enough to be at a gathering of passionate sign makers from around the world. The meet was called LETTERHEADS. They gathered to exchange ideas and techniques. Out in the parking lot one of the vehicles sported a decal on the door. It identified the car as SIGN POLICE. I learned that the car was owned by my good friend Cosmic Ray, from Winnipeg. The logo had been designed by another good friend, David Butler from Indiana. The story was that they 'ticketed' badly designed signs in their travels. It was all a spoof of course and done in good fun but everyone knew how they truly felt about badly designed signs they saw.

That logo by David Butler inspired my 2016 Sign Challenge piece. Bad design still abounds and sometimes it is so prevalent that a simple ticket would not be nearly enough. The SIGN POLICE SWAT TEAM needs to be called in to take care of things. If you look close at the pictures I posted yesterday you will see fragments of a sign board under the right track of the Vehicle. The tank commanders satisfied smile sums things up nicely.

Dan SawatzkyComment